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[screen-devel] [patch] have autoaka mode use the full cmd, not just the

From: Erik Osheim
Subject: [screen-devel] [patch] have autoaka mode use the full cmd, not just the first word
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2008 07:08:09 -0400

Here's a patch that I've been using locally for a couple of years. It
sets window titles to the full command run, not just the first word.

Many people where I worked were frustrated that often their screen
windows would get autotitled as so:

0 ssh
1 ssh
2 vi
3 vi
4 su
5 bash

With this patch, it would work as follows:

0 ssh larry
1 ssh curly
2 vi .bashrc
3 vi .screenrc
4 su - joe
5 bash

In general, I think users who like autoaka tend to prefer getting more
information rather than less. Anyway, this patch just changes the
behavior, but I could imagine having a setting in .screenrc control
whether or not to limit the effect to a word (or maybe truncate at a
fixed number of characters).

-- Erik

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