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[screen-devel] Feature request for optional marginals to text contents i

From: Jesper Jacobsson
Subject: [screen-devel] Feature request for optional marginals to text contents in screen.
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 21:51:15 +0000 (GMT)

Best readers of the developer and user GNU Screen mailinglists,

I have made a feature-request for optional margins to the text contents in 
screen. I hereby also send this information to these email-lists hoping to get 
interesting comments on the matter and increasing the chances that someone will 
help to implement this feature.

The full feature-request can be found at:

Below is a summary.


I (and atleast one other user I talked with on freenode irc) would like to be 
able to set a margin of X characters wide on either just left or right side, or 
preferably also top and bottom, of the linux text console/and or GNU screen.

The reason for wanting the feature is that we feel that it will increase 
readability since we can find it hard to read when the characters goes to the 
very edges of the screen. Of course this is a personal preference but I think 
many others would also want the posibility. On the old CRT
monitors it was easy to change this to personal preference with adjusting
the monitors visible area, but on for example a laptop it is not possible.

It doesn't look like framebuffer modules can do this (been looking at i810fb 
which I am using atm, or vesafb). So I have been thinking
if GNU screen could be modified to give this option.

I hereby request this feature and hope it will be implemented.

Any thoughts about this are welcome.

Best regards,

Jesper J

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