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[screen-devel] PTYROFS/wscreen

From: William Pursell
Subject: [screen-devel] PTYROFS/wscreen
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2008 06:20:40 +0000
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In acconfig.h, there is a template for PTYROFS, but
no way to set it without manually editing the resulting
config.h.   The comments in related to
setting PTYGOUP suggest that PTYROFS is a holdover
from before that test existed.  Does anyone use
PTYROFS (ie, does anyone manually edit config.h
to set it), or can that value be purged from the code?

Also, although it is far too early for scrutiny, in the
spirit of 'release early, release often', I would like to
This is an effort to modernize the build environment.
So far, I've reduced the's from 338 and 62 lines
down to 115 and 15 line's, and corrected
several issues related to VPATH builds.  (Well, I didn't
correct them...they simply get fixed as a result of
using automake.)  There are a lot of really old system
tests in that should be replaced with config.guess.
This should improve system detection, since config.guess
is actively maintained.  Also, I'd like to put gnulib's
version of getloadavg in to clean up a lot of that in
the configury.

As mentioned above, this branch is immature, but
it appears to work on OS X and Free BSD.
(I say 'appears to', since there is no test framework.
That is my primary end goal.)  I intend to continue
to track screen.master, and hope that this doesn't
become a fork.  I have had to make one very minor
change to build on OS X.  (I posted that patch a few
days ago.)

Note that currently I don't install $prefix/bin/screen-$version
but just $prefix/bin/screen.  Installing the versioned binary
is a job for the package manager, IMO.

William Pursell

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