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[screen-devel] Screen patch for string escape, n and new escapes

From: Israel Jacques
Subject: [screen-devel] Screen patch for string escape, n and new escapes
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2010 19:03:54 -0700

Hello everyone.

I would like to submit this very simple patch that allows the n escape
to be qualified with a '0'. In other words, the same behavior as both
the 'c' and 'C' escape.

The patch also includes new escapes: j, k, and K.

j, displays the minutes;
k, displays the hour in 24h format; and
K displays the hour in 12h format.

I have also updated the man page.

While the j, k, and K options seem redundant as both the c and C
escapes display both minutes and hours, I would like to have the
flexibility to be able to give each escape a color attribute.


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