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[screen-devel] Numbered regions like in vim?

From: Clark J. Wang
Subject: [screen-devel] Numbered regions like in vim?
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2011 13:42:17 +0800

In vim, all windows (created by :split and :vsplit commands) are numbered as 1, 2, 3, ... and we can include the window number in 'statusline'. If I want to go to window 3 I can type 3<ctrl-w>w which is very convenient. And I make it even more convenient with following mappings:

nnoremap  <silent> g1 1<C-W>w
nnoremap  <silent> g2 2<C-W>w
nnoremap  <silent> g3 3<C-W>w
nnoremap  <silent> g4 4<C-W>w
nnoremap  <silent> g5 5<C-W>w
nnoremap  <silent> g6 6<C-W>w
nnoremap  <silent> g7 7<C-W>w
nnoremap  <silent> g8 8<C-W>w
nnoremap  <silent> g9 9<C-W>w

Is that possible with regions (created by :split command) in screen?


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