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Re: [screen-devel] Commit d340b02c (Do not link against libelf.) has bee

From: Amadeusz Sławiński
Subject: Re: [screen-devel] Commit d340b02c (Do not link against libelf.) has been accidentially(?) reverted by a8dc1fb5 (Rename to
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2018 23:32:31 +0200

On Sun, 15 Jul 2018 13:04:55 +0200
Axel Beckert <address@hidden> wrote:

> Hi,
> while investigating why screen still uselessly links against libelf
> despite commit d340b02c ("Do not link against libelf.") from 2014
> (noticed by Sven Joachim, Cc'ed, c.f.,
> I noticed that following:
> Commit a8dc1fb5 ("Rename to") from 2015
> silently reverted the above mentioned commit and hence reintroduced
> the useless linking against libelf. (It also introduced another change
> not mentioned in the commit message, which is removing the line
> "AC_PREREQ(2.60)". But I assume that's just another ancient thing.)
> (I only checked the screen-v4 branch so far, but I assume that the
> master branch shows the same issue.)
> So please reapply commit d340b02c, e.g. by cherry-picking it, against
> to stop linking against libelf again, probably in both,
> the screen-v4 and the master branch. Will cherry-pick that commit for
> the Debian package of screen at least.
> Thanks in advance!
> P.S.: I would have reported that one via Savannah, but I can't
> currently reach nor can I reach to
> check if that has been fixed recently.
>               Regards, Axel


it seems like there were more checks added to avoid misidentifying
linux system as svr 4. Could you take a look again? (In
particular commit ec90292592dd2c9d5c108390841e3df24e377ed5).
I see no '-lelf' in Makefile after simple "./autogen && ./configure".

master branch doesn't have this problem because got
rewritten from scratch.


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