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define default permissions for users & organize groups?

From: fosco chubb
Subject: define default permissions for users & organize groups?
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2003 08:39:20 +0200
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My idea is to oganize access to different TTYs' on terminal server using
So far I have figured out this concept:
There is a startup script which starts screen on desired TTY devices in
detached mode, smth like:
screen -md -t "tty #" /dev/tty_name

Sessions are multiuser(users are defined in .screenrc with acladd)

Then there is some script which is executed when user logs-in, some kind
of menu or smth. User can choose to which tty to connect.

The problem is - I want to specify that by default all users exept the
owner of screen processes have no rw permissions on screen sessions, but
when they attach to session there is given a command smth like:

screen -S "session_name" -X aclchg $USER +rw "#"

I got stuck with this default permissions. From running screen sessions
sommand line I can specify
aclchg * -rw "#"
aclchg SESSION_OWNER +rw "#"
but in .screenrc this just don't work.
Is there something I don't understand?

Oh btw, has anyone any experience making terminal servers with screen?

And one more thing - how does this aclgrp work? How the hell I create
group leader, what is the correct way of creating a group? Can it be
done from .screenrc?


$ screen -v
Screen version 3.09.13 (FAU) 5-Sep-02

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