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screen on cygwin

From: Alexander Bruns
Subject: screen on cygwin
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2004 16:31:53 +0200


I am running Cygwin on Windows 2000. I want to use the screen-command but with cygwin, the screen-software is not available.

So I treid to compile screen 4.0.2 myself in cygwin. Configure worked, but make ended with error.

Then I found a patch at this site:

And patched the source of screen 4.0.2 with his patch:

Then configure, make, make install worked fine.

Now I can run screen within the cygwin-shell directly and within the cygwin-shell opend by ssh from a remote computer.

I can detatch from the screen.

But when I want te teattach the screen, the screen-command does not work. Sometimes it dies after a long period of time. Othervise I have to press STRG-ALT-DEL to terminate the screen-4.0.2.exe binary.

Is there any way to get screen work under cygwin. I am used to use screen on our Linux-Boxes and want to use it in cygwin.


Alexander Bruns

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