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RE: key bindings

From: David Balazic
Subject: RE: key bindings
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 09:32:48 +0200

This already works. Since ages.
Unless you have your setup screwed up somehow.

Does HOME and END work in bash outside of screen ?
Is your $TERM variable set to "screen" ? ( newer versions od screen have
different values... ). How about $TERMCAP ?

Is there anything "strange" ( terminal related ) in your login/shell scripts

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> Sent:         20. julij 2004 1:48
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> Subject:      Re: key bindings
> I also want to bind HOME and END to go to start and end of command line.
> I use bash, so they could be bound to send CTRL-a and CTRL-e
> respectively, to get that job done. I don't know how xterm does it, but
> they do what I expect them to, and I'd like screen to behave similarly.
> Typing CTRL-a a gets a little tedious.
> tia
> zen
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