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Re: piping files to vim command line, results in dead screen

From: Joe Zbiciak
Subject: Re: piping files to vim command line, results in dead screen
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 05:14:52 -0700 (PDT)


I highly doubt this is a Screen issue.  This is more a
basic UNIX question.  I'd be surprised if your command
worked outside Screen, for the very reason VI/VIM
complains.  The stdin is a pipe.

Try vi -o `find blah | grep blahh | cut dodah` instead.
xargs isn't smart enough to hook vi's stdin back up to
a TTY.

The "sorta-dead" vi session is probably stuck at the
"ex command prompt," without any way to pass it input.  
Try the following:

 -- Hitting Ctrl-C multiple times
 -- Hitting Ctrl-\ multiple times
 -- Typing :q! and pressing enter a couple times.
    (this last step is least likely to work.)

One of those should get you out of "pipe something to VI".



--- Zenaan Harkness <address@hidden> wrote:

> When I pipe multiple files to vi, via xargs (with a find,
> may be a cut,
> etc), eg:
> find blah|grep blahh|cut dodah|xargs vi -o
> that works, although vi says "input not from terminal",
> or may be
> "output" I don't remember, and when I exit the last file
> from within vi,
> my screen is kind of dead. I can change to other screens,
> go into copy
> mode, and issue : commands.
> I end up in this sort of copy mode, but it's not, and
> it's not my bash
> prompt either.
> :break and :reset don't do anything.
> :kill obviously kills the screen, but that's not exactly
> what I want -
> so, is there a better way?
> tia
> zen
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