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Bug when using multiscreen

From: Gerhard Siegesmund
Subject: Bug when using multiscreen
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2004 16:04:00 +0200
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Hello all

I have a small problem which sometimes hits me. Unfortunately I wasn't
able to really make this reproducable.

First of all, the setting:

I am using screen together with a friend in multiscreen-mode, meaning I
do the following to allow my friend to take a look at my work:

# Turn on multiuser for this screen
screen -X multiuser on

# Set a mask for the users
screen -X aclumask ?+r-w-x
screen -X aclumask ??+r-w-x

# May read in all windows
screen -X aclchg friend +r '#'
# May not write in any window
screen -X aclchg friend -w '#'
# May not use commands except
screen -X aclchg friend -x '#','?'
screen -X aclchg friend +x '#',detach,select,next,prev

After this is done he logs in to my computer and connects to my session
with -x.

screen -x me/<handler>

So far everything is great. He can see all my screen-windows, change
between them and thats it. Great! :)

But then something happens.

Sometimes using e.g.

screen vim file.txt

to open a new window and edit a file therein doesn't work correctly.
First of all, the window doesn't pop up, but stays in the background.
When everything works normal a new window pops up and I can edit the

(this also happens with other programs and doesn't seem to be related to

Next thing if I manually go to that window, I can't do anything in that
window. It seems to belong to my friend. I have to manually do 
:aclchg me +w <windownumber>
to do anything in that window or ask my friend to close the window (he
can use the window normal).

Now something mysterious: If I immediately do the same again, the window
again belongs to my friend. If I do C-A C to create a new window the
status seems to be cleared up. Everything works normal after that.

I don't know the exact circumstances and wasn't able to make a
reproducable way to trigger the bug. But I think it works more or less
this way:

I do screen vim file.txt, my friend takes a look at this. I leave the
window to use another windows maybe even open another window with screen
vim otherfile.txt. After some time I go back to the first vim-Window and
close that vim. And then it seems the bug is triggered.

Unfortunately I don't have enough time to take a serious look at the
source. But maybe someone has an idea about this. Maybe I even
misconfigured something?


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