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Re: Reply to header

From: Eric D. Hendrickson
Subject: Re: Reply to header
Date: Thu, 04 Nov 2004 15:04:26 -0600
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No offense intended whatsoever, but what I don't understand is, what
is so hard about using "Reply" or "Reply All" appropriately for each
situation?  Why is it necessary for the mail server to allow for
people who don't know how to use their mail software, when this
creates more work for people who want to reply to the author alone,
and the way it is now is no extra work for anyone?

It's just a matter of hitting the 'r' button or the 'f' button.  (or
whatever keys your MUA uses...)


> Shawn,
>> Sounds like a great reason for everybody else on the list to lose useful
>> functionality.
> I'm really really not trying to be difficult here, but ... exactly
> what is the functionality that everybody else is losing?  The only
> thing I see becoming more difficult is sending a "private reply" to
> someone. Since that is very definitely the exception rather than the
> rule (I personally have never done it, on this list or any other list
> I subscribe to), how is making 95% of replies easier and 5% harder
> (obviously just swag-ging on the percentages there) losing any useful
> functionality?
> Please forgive me if I'm missing something obvious, and feel free to
> set me straight.
>               -- Buddy
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