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Re: Reply to header

From: Eric D. Hendrickson
Subject: Re: Reply to header
Date: Thu, 04 Nov 2004 18:07:33 -0600
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About double mails - the only time you could get a double mail is if
you post to the list - and how many of us post to the list so often
that we have to "wade" through so many double copies?

Secondly, most MTA's (e.g. sendmail) and MUA's have features to
supress duplicates.  This is easily done in software since the
Message-ID is identical.  I thought this was the default for sendmail
but it's been so long I can't remember for sure.  I don't know about
other MTA's (such a Exchange) though.

Interesting point about Compuserve - I was "raised" on Usenet in the
late 80's so I suppose that could be a factor.

I agree, the best thing to do is leave it up to the mail list admin,
or vote on it.  I am fine with that, of course.

Best regards,

Buddy Burden <address@hidden> writes:

> Guys,
> Well, this seems to be quite the religious war.  Having to wade
> through the double copies of many of these replies (even 3 of one, for
> some odd reason) I think aptly answers Eric's point.  As for Shawn's
> point--the elitist argument (a.k.a. "if everyone in the world would
> just switch to the software I use, there wouldn't be any
> problem")--I'm not sure I see the issue even if I were to grant the
> validity of that argument: doesn't Mutt (or whichever other greatest
> MUA in the world we're discussing here) allow you to easily bypass the
> reply-to header?  I know pine does, and it's certainly not a very
> flashy MUA.
> Most telling, I can't even respond to Henrik's point because he made
> it in a reply that he didn't cc to the list (and, yes, I realize that
> he did so intentionally, to make a point).  That is, I _could_, but I
> would consider it rude to copy in his text when it was ostensibly
> "private", and there wouldn't be much point in responding to the group
> when no one else knew what he'd said.  And there's _definitely_ no
> point in Henrik and I carrying on some sort of private debate when the
> point of the thread (I believe) is to determine whether or not this is
> a worthwhile thing to do.  Perhaps it's just because I was raised on
> CompuServe and not Usenet, but I have never seen much point in private
> messages except in _extremely_ unusual circumstances (I believe I have
> sent private replies twice, amongst CIS, Usenet, mailing lists, and
> web fora, in about 12 years online).
> But I'm sensing that we may have come to the point in the discussion
> where no one is actually going to be convinced of anything and we're
> just going to go on bashing at each other until some admin comes along
> and yells at us.  _If_ we're voting, which I realize we may not even
> be, then I think I'll vote in favor of reply-to headers.  If not, I
> suppose I'll drop back to lurk mode. :-)
> Take care all.
>               -- Buddy
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