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(no subject)

From: cga2001
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Tue, 04 Jan 2005 23:15:48 -0500

Third attempt at replying. Other two never made it to the
list. This time it seems my SMTP server listens to bounces
on the wrong port.. go figure.  


Thanks much to those who replied and put my frustrations 
to rest..! I gave it a shot.. see if it was a valid substitute 
to mailing lists - especially some other over-active lists 
that I am subscribed to.. and apparently due to some problem 
with their "autoauthorizer" scheme or my not understanding
what I was supposed to do.. well.. my original reply never 
got through.

Phil!Gregory wrote:

>>Does anyone have a working sample of the hack described in the section
>>"TITLES" of the man page.
>No, but I can probably fake it.
>Let's say that you're using the default Debian prompt:
>  PS1="address@hidden:\w\$ "
>The longest string that won't change at the end of your prompt is "$ "
>(unless you're root, but we'll ignore that).  So, in your .screenrc, you
>  shelltitle "$ |bash"
>This tells screen to look for the string "$ " to mark the end of a prompt
>(anything after that is the new title of the window).  If it's sitting at
>a prompt, use "bash" as the window title.
>You also need to modify your prompt to have that null
>  PS1='address@hidden:\w\$ '
>That should do it.  I just tested this myself and it appears to work.
Works perfectly... now

That's pretty much what I had in my prompt.. Maybe it didn't work 
because I was doing it on the fly via a 'Ctrl-A :' rather than 
editing .screenrc (?) And since the wording of the man page can be 
somewhat cryptic at times I started thinking that I wasn't reading 
it correctly.

Sir, many thanks for providing a *much clearer* explanation. imho, t
he above should be added asis to the gnu/screen FAQ.


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