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Re: Automatic title-ing in screen

From: cga2001
Subject: Re: Automatic title-ing in screen
Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2005 22:50:03 -0500

> Let's say that you're using the default Debian prompt:
>   PS1="address@hidden:\w\$ "
> The longest string that won't change at the end of your prompt is "$ "
> (unless you're root, but we'll ignore that).  So, in your .screenrc, you
> put:
>   shelltitle "$ |bash"
> This tells screen to look for the string "$ " to mark the end of a prompt
> (anything after that is the new title of the window).  If it's sitting at
> a prompt, use "bash" as the window title.
> You also need to modify your prompt to have that null
> title-escape-sequence:
>   PS1='address@hidden:\w\$ '
> That should do it.  I just tested this myself and it appears to work.

Been trying to reply to this for about a week with no success.. 

The above works great, thanks..! Much clearer than the man page 
& should be added to the gnu/screen FAQ. I've no idea why what I
was doing didn't work, btw.. except I was doing it on-the-fly
rather than in .bashrc & .screenrc files maybe.. 

Thank you very much for your help.

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