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Re: screen inside screen (via ssh)

From: whiteinge . 2795618
Subject: Re: screen inside screen (via ssh)
Date: 6 Jan 2005 05:43:55 -0000

Also remember if you accidentally start screen B with the same escape key
as screen A you can always use the screen command-mode to change the screen
B escape key without exiting screen B.

Ala: ^a a : escape ^Ss

I enjoy
^s as the 'inside' escape key since it's right next to ^a and doesn't do 
(these days). Just remember defflow off in your .screenrc

This used to
drive me nuts every time I'd forget to invoke screen with a different escape
key when ssh-ing, so finally I just put aliases in my .zshrc for each:

alias sc="exec screen -RD" # regular

alias scr="exec screen -RD -e'^Ss'"
# remote


- whiteinge

--- address@hidden wrote:

> Hi


> when you run screen on machine A and log from there in to machine
B (via

> ssh), can you


> a) if screen is already running on machine
B, choose which screen should

> listen to your commands, the one on A or
on B? for example, switching

> windows;


> b) if screen is not running
on B, create a new screen session on B and not a

> new window on A?


> There is probably no real difference between a) and b), but anyway.


> Thanks for your thoughts!

> Heide




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