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Re: screen garbles output with centericq

From: Nikolai Weibull
Subject: Re: screen garbles output with centericq
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2005 15:32:08 +0100
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* webbie-h (Jan 16, 2005 15:10):
> > Hm, you should check your termcap/terminfo entries for your
> > terminal.  Also, make sure screen's termcap/terminfo entries are
> > installed.  It's probably best to check that libtermcap isn't being
> > used, it's nothing but trouble.  Other than that I can't really say.
> > About the Swedish characters, you need to check what LANG/LC_XXX
> > variables are set in your environment and their values.  Also check
> > what ncurses (wchar_t enabled or not) you have installed.

> termcap and terminfo are installed, termcap-2.0.8 and terminfo-5.4.
> However, how do i check that termcap and terminfo has the right
> settings

Well, you might need to check the ascs setting for one.  Anyway, I'd
recommend that you unininstall anything termcap related, as it is
practically deprecated and has many annoying limitations.  To check
xterms and screens terminfo files, run

% infocmp -l xterm
% infocmp -l screen

You'll get the terminfo definitions dumped to stdout, or, if not, they
aren't installed properly.

> and that libtermcap isnt beeing used?

% ldd /usr/bin/xterm

it will output all files that xterm dynamical link to.

> Ncurses are installed, version 5.4, how do i see if wchar_t is
> enabled?

Well, list /lib and see if you have a in it, then you'll
be using wchar_t stuff...

% ls /lib/

> The Swedish characters gets messed up as soon as i run centericq in a
> screen, is screen doing anything to the locale?

Well, it depends.  If you are using UTF-8, you should pass the -U option
to screen when you start it up.

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