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Re: History of Screen

From: Juergen Weigert
Subject: Re: History of Screen
Date: Sun, 3 Apr 2005 17:38:30 +0200
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On Apr 02, 05 13:54:17 -0800, abez wrote:
> I'm taking a course on Open Source Software Engineering and I had to
> profile a community. So I profiled the screen community and the history
> of screen. 
> I have put up a draft here:

Hi Abram!

Was a pleasant reading, thanks. I was quite *shocked* to see that the project
was already 18 years old. :-) But I think you are right.

Please change:

 'Juergen and Michael Schroeder' to 'Juergen Weigert and Michael Schroeder'
 multiple locations.

 'Jeurgen' to 'Juergen' multiple locations.

 'this is what "screen -t" does' to 'this is what "screen -r" does' in the
 quote from Oliver Lauman.

 '("screen -D -A")' to '("screen -D -R")' in the XON/XOFF discussion.

I am not sure if the old yahoo groups mailing list was identical to
com.unix.screen, I belive tha latter is much older. Please also talk to
Sven Guckes, wo faithfully answerd a uncounable number of user questions,
and had a comprehensive FAQ summary on his webpages.

I cannot see account 'mschroeder' on savannah.

'Michael Schroeder suggested that screen will have a publicly accessible
CVS soon' is a bit misleading. I tried to set up one at savannah once, but
it was soon clear, that development will be done on seperatly, and we'll
sync to the cvs ony from time to time. I probably should do that more
often, if people are interested...

About the many #ifdef's: yes, we have a certain amount of dead code in the
screen distribution, that once was used on one platform or the other.
But as long as this remains properly ifdefed, it should not cause more
problems in the next decades than it did in the last two decades .-)

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