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Updates, Enhancements, and 4.0.3?

From: John Davidorff Pell
Subject: Updates, Enhancements, and 4.0.3?
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 13:01:51 -0700

I'm not sure who are the active maintainers, or who manages the not- public cvs for screen, but whomever you are I have a few requests:

First, either public cvs or some prereleases would be greatly appreciated. Second, hints, projections, other information &c about future releases would be good too. :-)

Third, I would love for there to be a way to get information from the current (or any active) screen session through the shell. i.e. `screen -X info' could return the information on stdout, instead of in the title bar. This would be HUGELY appreciated as it would allow me to do a number of things in my scripts that I can't do now. For example, I can identify the current window after a renumbering.

Fourth, Thanx for maintaining such a great little utility. :-)


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