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Re: "set mouse=a" in vim doesn't work in screen

From: Suso Banderas
Subject: Re: "set mouse=a" in vim doesn't work in screen
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 02:41:05 +0000
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  Never used the 'mouse' setting before, but I found this while trying
it out:

'mouse'                 string  (default "", "a" for GUI, MS-DOS and Win32)
                        {not in Vi}
        Enable the use of the mouse.  Only works for certain terminals
        (xterm, MS-DOS, Win32 |win32-mouse|, qnx pterm, and Linux console
        with gpm).  For using the mouse in the GUI, see |gui-mouse|.

  So I guess only certain terminals can handle the mouse input.    I
noticed that I can use the mouse while running elinks within screen.
So maybe its a vim issue.

On Thu, Apr 21, 2005 at 01:47:30AM GMT, Bingguang Peng address@hidden said the 
> I am working in Linux and I use screen. I "set mouse=a" in my vimrc, and
> it works in normal terminal emulation programs, such as xterm, rxvt; but
> it does not work in screen :(
> anyone can help me?
> thanks.
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