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Re: seeing color in screen

From: Adam Lazur
Subject: Re: seeing color in screen
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2005 18:50:41 -0400
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address@hidden (address@hidden) said:
> i'm having problem seeing directory colors in screen.  any help?  i've
> searched massive amounts of data and can't seem to find it.  i'm
> running the latest screen ver 4.00.02

I'm assuming by "seeind directory colors in screen" you mean color ls
output. If not, you can skip the the rest of this text and go straight
to replying with clarification :)

What do you have the LS_COLORS environment variable set to?

If you are relying on your distro to call dircolors and set this
variable for you, it could be a problem with the hardcoded terminal type
list in dircolors. Run dircolors in screen and "TERM=xterm dircolors"
and see if it outputs the same stuff.

Adam Lazur, Cluster Monkey

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