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Re: strange races in screen -D -m `tty`?

From: Tomas Juknevicius
Subject: Re: strange races in screen -D -m `tty`?
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2005 15:37:38 +0300

John Davidorff Pell wrote:

> To turn on echo you can just run `stty echo'. :-)
> I'm very intreagued by your abuse of screen. You've solved (in a
> rather obtuse way) a dilema I've had for a while! How to reverse
> ssh! :-D
> JP

My coleagues also think that I am a bit nutty :) - always trying to
ask hard questions, solve atypical situations.
We are mostly M$ shop here, but also have a couple of people,
who prefer to work on Linux. Me - I'm just starting to discover it...
Step by step - a bit of cygwin at work, dual boot to Win/Lin
at home :)

What I've noticed, that even among the current Linux users
the old and glorious tty lore is often forgotten, or not understood
enough. The GUI is rampant everywhere ;).
Thats why I'm fascinated with screen. Its like the old
antiquity, archeologic artefact from ancient times, long forgotten
lore of commanding text screens, swiss army knife manage the
terminals :D

>To turn on echo you can just run `stty echo'. :-)
Thanks for a tip. Seems like i've haven't read the approriate man page.
Oh well  :)

"How to reverse ssh" - interesting, in fact my original formulation
of the question was exactly this!! :D
Only when writting the letter, I've reformulated the question and broken
it into smaller pieces - for better understanding.

In fact I solved this problem by decomposing it  into 2 problems.
One "to flip over" the console at remote end of the ssh pipe.
This is achieved with - exec screen -D -m `tty`
The other to attach bash to the local end of the ssh pipe.
Here I simply run ssh in screen, and then attach bash
as a screen session subprocess - exec ::: /bin/bash

PS forgive me my graphomania :)

Tomas Juknevicius

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