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Re: switch between sessions ?

From: cga
Subject: Re: switch between sessions ?
Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 18:27:06 -0400
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Marc Chantreux wrote:

Hi all,
I'm working on 2 Sessions :
- one named I that runs my internet programs ( irc, mail , newsgroups )
- one named W that runs the programs i need for work ( zsh , vi , ... )

to switch from I to W, i c-aD and run screen -RDS W. is there a way to
do it faster ?

another way to resolve my problem is to have something like 'windows
group' in one session. does it exist ?


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Thanks for the "organizational" tip.. Sounds like a smart way to categorize one's activities and I'll give it a shot asap.

But why do you need to dis/re-connect to your different sessions..?

Are you using a system (or some peculiar connection context..) where you cannot use multiple consoles/xterms.. or am I missing something..?

I plan to use this on two linux consoles and switch via Alt+F1 - Alt+F2 .. eg. (or two full-screen aterms and use my window manager's window-switching capabilities..)

Apologies for not providing a "pure screen solution" but I thought I'd ask for more details since the "usability problem" interests me..


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