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Re: hardstatus bottom and top

From: Alan Young
Subject: Re: hardstatus bottom and top
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2005 17:43:24 -0700

> If I understand you right: You want to waste a line for duplicating text?
> Screen always tries to be as least intrusive on the display as possible,
> ... we never expected somebody would ask for such a feature.

I don't see it necessarily as duplicating text but as allowing more
information to be displayed unobtrusively as possible.  I have a
linode (a uml root account) and I've written a script to rotate
through several bits of information (load, io status, if I've got an
emerge running and what the status is, etc.).

It'd be really nice to have a little more room to squeeze in that information.

Additionally, it'd be nice to be able to dump that information to the
top of the screen, or even split the lines so that, e.g., window
information was at the top and my rotating information was at the

I realize this probably on your list of things to do, I'm just voicing
my opinion.

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