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new commands: sockdir, status

From: Rafal Maszkowski
Subject: new commands: sockdir, status
Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2005 14:01:09 +0100
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The developers list would be more appropriate for this information but
subscribing to yahoo lists is prohibitively difficult so I gave up.

Some two years ago I created patches to have run-time instead of compile time
sockdir option and to be able to move the status to not to cover the place
where usually the prompt is. My addition to the man page:

sockdir local|shared
shared means that the sockets directory may be shared between various hosts and
screen -wipe command will NOT wipe non-local sockets.

status [ top | up | down | bottom ] [ left | right ]

The status window by default is in bottom-left corner. This command can move
status messages to any corner of the screen. top is the same as up, down is the
same as bottom.

The patch:
also for screen 3.9.x
Some additional comments:

Jeżeli upadnie cywilizacja zachodnia, to będzie szansa na odbudowę cywilizaji
     chrześcijańskiej. (dr Stanisław Krajski, Radio Maryja, 10 X 2001)

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