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Re: binding Ctrl+Tab

From: Juergen Weigert
Subject: Re: binding Ctrl+Tab
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 13:57:16 +0100
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On Nov 15, 05 04:46:28 -0800, Joe Zbiciak wrote:
> Juergen,
> Actually on the two Linux boxes I tried, Shift-Tab and
> Ctrl-Shift-Tab both appear to send ESC [ Z.  

Interesting... But yes. 
Linux kbd driver can be configured
to generate keycodes for whatever you want.
Precisely speaking, I should have said:

No, the VT220 or ANSI terminals specifications do not have keycodes
for CTRL-Tab and Shift-Ctrl-Tab. So there is nothing you can rely on, if
you ever want to reattach through different remote connections.


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