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Re: binding Ctrl+Tab

From: Aaron Griffin
Subject: Re: binding Ctrl+Tab
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 10:13:23 -0600

Well, i got alot of responses to this, heh - wasn't expecting it.  I
had tried the typical readline quote-insert stuff and could not get
any code, so thanks for letting me know I wasn't crazy.

As for the ergonomics point - I agree it's not too easy, but it's a
keystroke I've gotten used to in many applications, so I figured it'd
be nice to carry that here to make everything more congruent.

> > No, the VT220 or ANSI terminals specifications do not
> > have keycodes for CTRL-Tab and Shift-Ctrl-Tab.

So, I have my answer.  I have no problem with switching by numbers, so
it's really a non-issue.

Thanks for your help.

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