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Re: fFtT implementation

From: Rafal Maszkowski
Subject: Re: fFtT implementation
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2005 10:38:26 +0100
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On Wed, Dec 14, 2005 at 08:16:26PM +0000, bill wrote:
> Well, it's been a little uglier than I expected, but I have put together an
> initial implementation of the fFtT cursor movement family for cut/paste mode.
> I need to spend some time cleaning it up, but I'm a little curious about the
> current state of screen development. There doesn't seem to be a developers
> mailing list, there are only 4 people listed on Savannah, and there's a

Some time ago I was said that there is one on yahoo or something. Subscribing
to yahoo list is somewhat complicated and links unfriendly so I have given up
at some stage. Probably it was - I
think I have not seen before the message about stopping the development and
closing the list.

Looks like we are left alone. Could we use for creating a new developers list
and patches repository? If not I can offer my mailman and FTP site.

> message stating that development has stopped.   Is it worth submitting a
> patch?   I have a very surface understanding of the layering that is going
> on...the idea is nice but the code is a bit hairy in places, so I would
> definitely like having more eyes to catch any potential bugs.  I use 'fFtT'
> movement keys a lot, and I don't want to introduce bad behavior.

Just share the patch and we will see if works and does not crash screen.

Don't you think that vi screen movement in screen is not consistent with
original vi controls? E.g. 'W' and 'w'. Maybe we could make it more similar to

But the biggest inconvenience of screen for me is very slow resizing. With some
twelve screens, 20000 lines of buffer each full resizing (-r vs. -x) takes many
minutes (I admit that on somewhat slow machine with 467 MHz CPU and 128 MB of
memory). I have not looked into it yet but I suspect that screen redraws whole
buffer with new number of columns instead of being somewhat smarter and
redrawing only last few screen-size bytes and catching up with the rest later.

Jeżeli upadnie cywilizacja zachodnia, to będzie szansa na odbudowę cywilizacji
      chrześcijańskiej. (dr Stanisław Krajski, Radio Maryja, 10 X 2001)

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