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Re: vertical split

From: bill
Subject: Re: vertical split
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2005 14:35:57 +0000
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Michael Schroeder wrote:

No, it's not very difficult. It's just a bit of work. How does your
patch deal with multiple horizontal/vertical Combinations, e.g. when
your screen looks like:

   +               |              +
   +               |              +
   +               |--------------+
   +               |       |      +
   +               |       |      +
At the moment, not well.  I just noticed that the
horizontal split is counting regions and assuming
that they are all full width, so you can't even
get to the situation you describe above.

No, please stay K&R conform. I don't see why we should stop to
support it, it doesn't slow down the compiled code.

Will do.
I'm also not sure if I should wait for a complete implementation
or not. What are your feelings about this?

Definitely wait.  I don't get much time except on the weekends to look
at this, but I should be able to get some time in and maybe get something
that's more useable fairly quickly.

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