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Shift-F6 in Midnight Commander

From: J
Subject: Shift-F6 in Midnight Commander
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 14:22:31 -0500
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Slackware 10.2.0 (-current)
Screen version 4.00.02 (FAU) 5-Dec-03
GNU Midnight Commander 4.6.1
Using system-installed S-Lang library with terminfo database

Hi - searching in the archives seems broken, but I was reading through
manually and came across this post:
The Shift-F6 key combination is used in mc to
quickly rename a file or directory. Unfortunately
it does not work when using screen.
Any hints on how to enable it?

I didn't see any followups. I'm experiencing the same thing and did some
more digging and found:
2.3 How do I use function keys F11 to F20?

   These are normally mapped to function keys F1 to F10 with Shift held,
   e.g. function key F13 can be activated by pressing Shift-F3.  You can
   define the keys this way in the Options->Learn Keys dialog.  The
   convention for PC keyboards is that F11-20 always means Shift with

   You may find that on the Linux console with some keyboard layouts
   Shift-Fn is interpreted as F(n+12), not as F(n+10).  This is a result
   of non-uniformity of keyboard layouts.  This is not an intended
   behavior and it may be fixed some day.  In the meantime, use "Learn
   Keys" to remedy this inconvenience.

This fits the bill, as Shift-F6 does actually work, but only as
Shift-F4. However, the suggested workaround, it seems to me, would break
mc in every other context (bare console, plain xterm, etc.) where it
does work properly. IOW, the MC FAQ seems to be describing a case where
it's generally broken and gives a general fix. But this (though
identical) seems specific to screen. Anybody else experienced this or
know of a more targeted fix?

Related to this, in that it's screen/mc: I enabled 'defzombie dr' in my
.screenrc and mc did a chesire cat. Everything but the single char of
the progress-indicator spinner disappeared and, while I could easily
switch to another window in screen, the mc window itself was completely
unresponsive. Had to C-a\. The problem didn't go away with resizing
screen (running in an xterm) or re-disabling defzombie or with
restarting screen and I couldn't find any lingering temp files or named
pipes but it *did* go away when I restarted X and then screen and mc.
Very strange. Just wondering if anyone else had experienced this and
whether it indicated anything else - whether I'm likely to run into it
again or if certain options are 'dangerous'. Thanks.

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