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Using command line '-X' to send commands to multiuser session

From: Rod Nussbaumer
Subject: Using command line '-X' to send commands to multiuser session
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 18:58:37 -0700
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Screen Gnurus:

I can attach to an existing multiuser session that is owned by onother user and type input to the shell or other application running in the screen session. This, of course, is according to spec, and is exactly how it is intended.

What I would really like to do is send input to that same multiuser session using the '-X stuff ....' command line. Have I overlooked a key configuration or other switch that allows me to do this?

Here is a simple example of what I mean...

$ screen -v
Screen version 4.00.02 (FAU) 5-Dec-03
$ screen -S test01/ -list
There is a suitable screen on:
        21614.pts-88.edevel23pc (Multi, attached)
1 Socket in /tmp/screens/S-test01.

$ screen -S test01/21614 -x
$ screen -S test01/21614 -X 'stuff ls -al'
Cannot opendir /tmp/screens/S-test01: Permission denied

This sounds, on the surface, to be fairly easy to 'fix'. Any pointers? Anyone already done this?

   ---   rod.

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