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Re: strange races in screen -D -m `tty`?

From: Tomas Juknevicius
Subject: Re: strange races in screen -D -m `tty`?
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 11:11:26 +0300

Hi John,

I'm still lurking here. Its easy to keep an eye on it, since this is a low 
volume list.
Sorry for delayed response, we had a couple of holiday days - Easter :).

Now, to the matter. No, I did not manage to get that thing working consistently.
IIRC, I've ditched this path, and solved my problem in another way,
not through screen usage.

I will try to reproduce this and send you results. This might take a little bit,
since one of the 2 machines, which I used for experiments, is now gone.
IIRC, the behavior is sensitive to timing. It might be, that on the 
machine the behavior is different.

> that it was sporatic. For me, it is constant. It doesn't work. :-( Do

I am interested, what exactly "doesn't work" means here.
Do you at least get the one-directional chanel? If so, which direction is it?
local->remote or remote->local?

If you have 2 computers (lets call them local & remote)
and type the following at the prompt of local:

local> screen ssh remote
remote> exec screen -D -m `tty`

now, at the remote computer,
remote>screen -ls
#should see the session
remote>screen -r <session id>

now we have 2 ?connected?/?half-connected? ttys.

So, if you type anyting at the local, do the characters appear at remote?
And if you type anything at remote, do the characters appear at local?

PS in principle this should be possible to do with 1 computer, by sshing into 
but as the situation depends on timing, this variant may or may not work.
Tomas Juknevicius

John Davidorff Pell wrote:

> Many moons ago (almost exactly 1 year ago), a gentleman named Tomas
> Juknevicius wrote to this list about some odd behaviour he was


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