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Re: Several problems while trying to make screen automatically start ano

From: Adam Lazur
Subject: Re: Several problems while trying to make screen automatically start another program.
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2006 12:05:20 -0700
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Kresimir Cosic (address@hidden) said:
> Problem 1.
> But, if I try to link it with libmysqlclient (v4.16):
> g++ -o fooint2.exe fooint.cpp -L/home/kreso/prog/mysql/lib/mysql 
> -lmysqlclient
> screen fooint2.exe
> then fooint2.exe doesn't even get executed and I get error message: 
> [the screen is terminating]
> Also, this fooint2.exe works normally in every other way, for 
> example if I start screen, and then run fooint2.exe within it, it 
> works properly.

This isn't a screen problem, it's a dynamic linking problem.

I bet the executable can't find the shared library when it starts up.
Does your shell have an LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable set? What
happens if you run: screen /bin/sh -c fooint.exe

> Problem 2.
> When I run this program, it doesn't work properly. The first system 
> call works fine, the second one doesn't. I haven't got the slightest 
> clue what could possibly be wrong with second call.

Quoting problems? It's not worth debugging a c program that only calls
system()... write a #!/bin/sh script to do this instead (system() is
using the shell anyway).

> Problem 3.
> I tried to change the acive window while screen is detached.

next affects the client side portion of screen, so if you have no
clients attached and -X next, it won't do anything exciting. If you
multi-attach, or just run screen -X next from within screen, it should
work fine.

Adam Lazur

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