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Re: Several problems while trying to make screen automatically start ano

From: Kresimir Cosic
Subject: Re: Several problems while trying to make screen automatically start another program.
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2006 22:14:48 +0200
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Thanks for answers. I still didn't solve the problem, but it gave me an idea.

Adam Lazur wrote:
> This isn't a screen problem, it's a dynamic linking problem.
> I bet the executable can't find the shared library when it starts up.
> Does your shell have an LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable set? What
> happens if you run: screen /bin/sh -c fooint.exe

Seems like a plausible explanation, but I don't quite understand how linux finds shared libraries, and, most important, why it can't find shared libraries only when using 'screen ./fooint2.exe'. It seems that I have LD_LIBRARY_PATH set in my .bashrc:

I still get [screen is terminating] if I run
screen /bin/sh -c fooint2.exe

I also tried
screen /bin/sh -c /home/kreso/prog/fooint2.exe
but doesn't work.

>>Problem 2.
> Quoting problems?

I also thought of that, so I changed that program so that it doesn't execute commands, but prints them instead. Then I copy-pasted the lines that program printed, and it worked fine.

> It's not worth debugging a c program that only calls
> system()... write a #!/bin/sh script to do this instead (system() is
> using the shell anyway).

Thanks for sugestion, but this actually won't help because eventually I have to call screen from a complex program that can't be substituted with a script.

But... maybe if I write a script, and then call that script with system(), maybe that would work. Well, I will certainly try.

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