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Re: script to run screen with multiple telnet windows?

From: bmathis-screen
Subject: Re: script to run screen with multiple telnet windows?
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 19:02:38 -0400
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Sam Cramer wrote:
I'm trying to write a script to start a screen session with multiple
telnet windows to a terminal server.  The name of the terminal server
varies, as does the number of windows, so this isn't something I can
do by just adding some lines to my .screenrc.

I tried creating a screen session and then repeatedly sending it
commands using -X as follows

screen -S screen_cons -X screen -t node$i $i telnet $tsv 20$i

where $i is the terminal server port number and $tsv is the terminal
server hostname.

Unfortunately, the screen -X commands silently fail.  If I remove the
trailing telnet clause, the windows are created (without the telnet
commands, of course).

I also tried synthesizing a .screenrc file, which I stored in a temp
file and supplied to screen using the "-c" command.  That worked OK,
save for the fact that screen seems to want to have the .screenrc file
present when reconnecting to the session. This prevents me from
deleting the temp file in the script and I'd really like to avoid
having lots of old screenrc temp files lying around.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to solve this problem?


Maybe not as elegant, but you could write a script that does the following:
1. Figure out the name of the server and number of windows you need
2. Write that info as screen commands into a file, like .screen-terms
3. Include .screen-terms in your .screenrc
4. Launch screen

This way, you'll be able to dynamically alter the configuration without
messing with anything else you might have in the .screenrc file.

Not pretty, but it should work.

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