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Re: screen with svgalib, etc.?

From: Brian Mathis
Subject: Re: screen with svgalib, etc.?
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2006 01:12:26 -0400
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So you're saying it works with an image viewer, and not a movie viewer?  You never said anything like that in your initial post.  Maybe you should fully describe what you are doing and the problem you're seeing.

address@hidden wrote:
svgalib no doubt requires the ability to access direct
hardware or somesuch to draw graphics on a tty, and only
then a VGA one (serial terminal won't work).  There's no
way that screen could handle that situation.  At that
point you want remote X Windows.

Which svgalib does do, writing to my real (unused) tty
console #3 when I'm in a screen -- this is all local, btw --
and I want to look at some jpegs, etc. (there are still
issues when I happen to be in another terminal somewhere
else when svgalib wants to show me that pic, after loading

What I'm really asking here, I guess, is: what's stopping me
from using e.g. mplayer -- with svgalib -- the same way,
from any screen, but to show me a movie? mplayer actually
starts to write to terminal #3 (then it tried #4 the next
time?!), but bails out with the error:

  ioctl(VT_WAITACTIVE): Operation not permitted

There's some vt/screen skullduggery going on here...

Maybe NoMachine NX will better suit your purpose.


NX from NoMachine is like a screen for X windows.  Though after you provided more information, this is probably not what you want.
- -- grok.

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