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Re: Screen Start Script

From: Buddy Burden
Subject: Re: Screen Start Script
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 15:46:57 -0400
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> Though I appreciate your concerns about the lockup I experienced, my intent
> was to discuss startup scripts with screen,
> which I found little information on.  The lockup hasn't occoured in a
> while,
> and im not certain what caused it.  I think I
> was trying to get split screen working on 'irssi', but have given up on
> that
> for now.  For some reason I could not switch
> any windows when this occoured.  No commands seemd to work at all.  I just
> figured it was an issue with irssi, and stopped
> tinkering with it.

IME screen locks up very infrequently, but when it does, it locks hard.  
However, if you (can) wait about ten minutes or
so, it will come back.  Sometimes I go through and kill any pending screen -x's 
or screen -r's, but I'm not convinced it
really matters if I do that or not.

For starting up screen, I think you should be able to do most things you want 
to do with your .screenrc and the "stuff"
command.  For instance, here's an excerpt from my own .screenrc:

screen -t base
screen -t cid ssh cid
screen -t code
    stuff "vcshell Sphorb\015"
screen -t emerge sudo su -
screen -t timer ssh kimahri
    stuff "cd /usr/local/t3/ThinkGeek\015"
    stuff "timer\015"
screen -t sql
    stuff "sql\015"
    stuff "mypass\015"

Note that my password for MySQL is stuck directly into the file; I haven't 
figured any way around that.  I just make
sure my .screenrc is set to 600 so that no one else can read it.


                -- Buddy

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