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Re: Showing /dev/tty12 (or similar) syslog output in screen window

From: Aaron Griffin
Subject: Re: Showing /dev/tty12 (or similar) syslog output in screen window
Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2006 14:00:18 -0500

On 6/20/06, Nikolai Weibull <address@hidden> wrote:
> sudo is your friend!

I don't want to go through sudo just to read system messages.  (Of
course, how much sensitive data can one really find in
/var/log/messages, so perhaps I can just set it to 0640?)

Personally, I would go this route as it's much more straight-forward
and less intrusive.  Still...

It often seems that whenever I post a question to a mailing list,
people are more than eager to solve a different problem than the one I
am interested in.  I wonder why that is...

Solving a problem by finding the root cause is common. "I can't do X,
but i want to" is usually best solved by asking "well, what's sopping
you from doing X?".

Still, if you want to "copy" the tty12 output, you might be able to
use something like or
FreeBSD's 'watch' command.

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