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Re: vim syntax highlighting does not work in screen

From: cga2000
Subject: Re: vim syntax highlighting does not work in screen
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 13:43:41 -0400
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On Sun, Aug 13, 2006 at 11:12:19PM EDT, aladdin wrote:
> Hi, all.
> My vim syntax highlighting does not work in SCREEN.
> The problem occurs under RedHat9, vim 6.1.320, SCREEN 4.00.02, remote
> login with putty.
> I have another Debian Sarge Linux under which vim and SCREEN work well
> together. I checked the screenrc file but cannot find anything help.
> What should I do now?
1. In vim:

:help termcap


:set termcap

.. what is the value of t_Co= ?  

.. second column about 5 lines down ..

To me this sounds like Vim's idea of the underlying "terminal" is

You could try verifying this by issuing a:

:set t_Co=8
:set t_Co=16

.. see if it makes any difference ..

2. Post on the address@hidden list for specialized help.

There are some very knowledgeable folks on this list and they may be
able/willing to help.

Since there are three layers that have their own handling of "terminal"
aspects involved here (putty, screen, and vim..) I would suggest you
describe your setup more precisely.

You mention a "remote login". 

I use gnu/screen but since I don't use putty, so I am unable to
understand your setup and make an educated guess as to what is running

You are accessing a Redat9 server from a sarge box, right?

What terminal emulator are your using?

Where is gnu/screen running? (local/remote box)

My extremely vague hunch here is that all three layers may be
accessing two different terminfo databases and that there might be
differences/incompatibilities between the xterm entries on the two



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