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Re: vim syntax highlighting does not work in screen

From: aladdin
Subject: Re: vim syntax highlighting does not work in screen
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 11:51:40 +0800
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cga2000 wrote:
1. In vim:
.. what is the value of t_Co= ?
t_Co=8 by default here.

infocmp output shows *colors#8* too, both inside and outside SCREEN.

You could try verifying this by issuing a:

:set t_Co=8
:set t_Co=16
I tried but makes no difference.

.. see if it makes any difference ..

2. Post on the address@hidden list for specialized help.

There are some very knowledgeable folks on this list and they may be
able/willing to help.
I will try that, thanks.

Since there are three layers that have their own handling of "terminal"
aspects involved here (putty, screen, and vim..) I would suggest you
describe your setup more precisely.

You mention a "remote login".
I use gnu/screen but since I don't use putty, so I am unable to
understand your setup and make an educated guess as to what is running

You are accessing a Redat9 server from a sarge box, right?

What terminal emulator are your using?

Where is gnu/screen running? (local/remote box)

My extremely vague hunch here is that all three layers may be
accessing two different terminfo databases and that there might be
differences/incompatibilities between the xterm entries on the two
Not exactly. I'm sorry that I made a description leading to misunderstanding.

There are two remote servers running redhat 9 and debian sarge respectively. They have nothing to do with each other actually. I am using a windows terminal and login the servers with putty in two seperate sessions. Then, I start SCREEN, find that vim in redhat goes wrong while in debian it appears right. That's the matter.

I ensured the term options of two sessions(for debian and redhat) in putty are exactly the same. So putty can be excluded from our discussion, I think.

Then, SCREEN and vim, which one is the cause of the problem really makes me puzzled.

The following facts are on the server running redhat 9, the problematic one. Colorization of vim works well outside of SCREEN but failed inside. So it is likely the SCREEN's problem. But, on the other hand, other programs such like ls --color and emacs shows up colorization correctly in SCREEN. So it seems the matter of vim. I'm completely confused. :-(

The terminal settings in linux are too complicated for me to master. So I post it here for help. Thanks for all giving suggestions. :-)




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