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Re: Reestablishing ssh connections via screen

From: John Davidorff Pell
Subject: Re: Reestablishing ssh connections via screen
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 19:40:49 -0000

On 22 Jun 2005, at 10:58, JCA wrote:
JCA wrote:

I have a Linux notebook that connects to a Linux server by ssh. The
notebook can be suspended to disk at any time, while ssh sessions to
the server are still running. How can screen be used so that, when the notebook is brought back from its dormant state, whatever ssh sessions
it had active with the server, at the time the notebook was put to
sleep, are automatically re-established?

I dunno how you would set up your laptop to do this, but all that's
really needed is for you to ssh back to every computer you had
previously connected to (however, the connections might just still be
alive when you wake) and run "screen -r" on each host.  This will
reconnect to detached screen sessions.

   Hmm.... I am confused. Do I run screen both on the notebook and the
server, or only on the notebook? Also, if the ssh session has been
terminated by the server, how can screen reconnect it? Notice that I
want to reconnect to exactly the same session I had, inside which I
might have been running at the time some other application, like, say,
an editor. Can screen really do this?

Screen runs only on the server. You ssh from your laptop to the server, and run the program `screen'. This program then runs a shell under it. You disconnect. When you disconnect, screen does NOT quit, it keeps running. Later, you reconnect from your laptop to the server. You run the program `screen' again, but this time you add '- r' (`screen -r'). You now are again running screen, which has a shell under it *but* you are running the *same* screen that you were running before, with the same shell under it as before. Does that make sense?

Now, screen's strength comes in when you realise that screen doesn't just run one shell underneath it, but it has 40 possible windows, each running whatever shell or program you like. Screen does not work with X11.


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