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strange races in screen -D -m `tty`?

From: Tomas Juknevicius
Subject: strange races in screen -D -m `tty`?
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 16:28:47 -0000

Hello dear screen gurus ;-),

I'm fairly new to using the screen, but already starting to like it.
Recently I've been trying to solve one problem,
and encountered strange situation while using screen.

Here is my task: I have 2 machines; lets call them local & remote.
local is in the LAN which is NATed, remote is in the other LAN, which is
heavily firewalled.
I want the user @remote have the bash  @local.
The problem is remote can not ssh to local
But local can ssh to remote.
(actualy this will be 2 step ssh:  local-->intermediate-->remote).

So, I want to do something like ssh but in reverse:
the person @ local ssh'es to remote and then person @ remote gets the
bash running on local.

I am doing this:

------------the case-------------
in a console at local type this:

1)  local> screen ssh remote
2) remote> exec screen -D -m `tty`

#at this step we get 2 ttys joined peer-to-peer

3) <ctrl>a:
4)in the screen prompt: exec ::: /bin/bash

#done, now the person at remote console can at any time do:
5)remote2> screen -ls
#see our screen session, created in step 2), detatched, as it should be
6) remote2> screen -r <screen session id>

#hurrah, now we have bash running @ local accessible to person @remote
#everything works - pwd, ls etc......
#a few small quirks - no echo & no color, but these do not matter at
this time,
#i'll get to them later

----------end of the case-------------

Now my problem: the steps, outlined above work only SOMETIMES.
The other times I get only half of the connection - the characters
written at remote shell
are sent to the local, but the characters from the local are not sent to
the remote.

This can be tested this way: if you omit the steps 3), 4) you should get

2 consoles connected peer-to-peer. Whatever is typed into one, gets
written into the
other. But as I've said, this works only sometimes, at other times I get
only one way street

I have thesuspicion, that some race condition at step #2, which is
causing the problems.
At this step screen is basically detaching from the tty, and at the same
time reattaching
the same tty as the screen's target.

I've also experimented with the following command instead of the step
#note the -d instead of -D
2a)remote>exec screen -d -m `tty`
But this results in the directly oposite case - now only characters
written  at local console get sent to remote, but not vice versa
(local-->remote). No dice.
But this behavior is at least repeatable - it works this way all the

I've also experimented with the following commands instead of the step
2b)remote>exec screen -m `tty`
#note that now we need to hit 'a' 2 times, because we have the
In this case I get simmilar results to my orriginal case  (-D -m)

Any comments/suggestions? Whats going on here?
Is this a bug? Perhaps I use screen incorrectly?
How to workaround this?

for reference:
the machines are:
uname -a
Linux kiras 2.6.9 #2 Mon Mar 21 17:17:31 EET 2005 i686 GNU/Linux
screen --version
Screen version 4.00.02 (FAU) 5-Dec-03

Tomas Juknevicius

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