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vbell delay

From: Johann Cairns
Subject: vbell delay
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 20:55:24 -0000

I am trying to disable the delay after a visual bell on my screen sessions.  I normally run 1 screen and connect to it via the -x command line argument from multiple xterm windows.

When I do something to create a visual bell, like backspacing too far in gdb, I get the "Bell in window %" messages in all my other windows.  I don't mind that so much but I have to wait for a second or so before I can type into the window again.  I have the same issue even if I disable the visual bell using :vbell off or ^G.  I've tried setting the vbellwait value to 0 and that does not seem to have an effect.  Does this seem like a setting issue within screen?  I don't generally care about the bells.

Thanks for any help on this.


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