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screen-develop moderated?

From: bill
Subject: screen-develop moderated?
Date: Sun, 25 Dec 2005 09:06:55 -0000
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I posted a patch to screen-develop last night, and I got a reply
from screen-devel-bounces stating that the "message awaits
moderator approval" due to size restrictions.   I'm not sure
what was decided regarding which group to use, users or develop,
so here it is again, compressed.

Here's a much improved patch for the vertical split.  It
handles creation (^A-S, ^A-V), deletion (^A-X), and growing via
(^A-Q), but does not implement resizing.  There are some issues:

Status lines don't display properly.  If your screen looks like this:
|          |        |      |
|   a      |  b     |  c   |
|          |        |      |
and you do a horizontal split on the middle screen, the regions are built
correctly, but the status line is trying to go full width and munges the
screen until regions a and c redisplay.

Also, titles only appear in status lines if the region abuts the left side
of the display.

I made some implementation decisions that I'd like some feedback on
before I start fully implementing the resize functions.  Currently,
I keep track of state.  eg, there are (at least) 2 ways to get
a screen that looks like:
|   d      |        |      |
|          |        |      |
|          |   b    |      |
|          |---------------|
|   a      | c |    |      |
|          |   |    |      |
In particular, if a was created by doing a horizontal split, then destroying
a (via ^A-X) will cause d to grow down into a.  If a was created via a
vertical split, then destroying a will cause b and c to grow into a.  I was
thinking that attempts to resize would use the same state.  Ie an attempt
to grow a by 5 lines will grow it into d in the one case, or into b and c
in the other.  Also, 'resize =' would equalize real-estate with the
appropriate regions.  That seems cleaner than putting an extra argument
into the resize function to determine which direction to grow.

Also, as in the screen pictured above, what should happen if you try
to grow a by 8 columns, but c is only 6 columns wide?  Should the attempt
silently fail, or should c be squeezed down to some mimimum, or should c
simply be deleted?  I favor destroying c.
I've tested this, but I am by no means a power user and am not really
sure of what configuration options might affect things.  (Basically
I tested with and without hardstatus lines.)  I would love to get
some feed back on what key sequences with what configurations cause
the dungeon to collapse.

Also, I decided to put the regions right up against each other, with
no space in between.  That could be configurable.  The main reason
I did that was that the status lines seemed to munge less...I plan
on looking into that issue, as I'd like to get titles to display
properly.  But Santa is coming in about an hour, so I need to set
out the cookies....Merry Christmas!

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