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vertical split

From: bill
Subject: vertical split
Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2005 10:43:07 -0000
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Here's a third patch for vertical splits. (The second was sent to a moderator,
as it was over 10k, and I don't think it has made it to the list yet.)
It doesn't handle the caption line well, and I want to focus on that
before working on some of the other details.  I implemented the
resize function in a stateful way--if a region is created via a vertical
split, resize will work on the width rather than the height.  If a region
is created via a vertical split and subsequent regions are deleted so that
it is full width, resize is not guaranteed to do anything.   This implements
^A-Q, ^A-X, and :resize
I tested it with and without hardstatus and caption.  I'm not sure what
other configuration options should be tested with.

here's the md5sum:
ed78d731ab93123c2a60e4839b88980e  wrp_vertical_split_0.2_4.0.2.diff

Attachment: wrp_vertical_split_0.2_4.0.2.diff.bz2
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