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-X and multiuser mode

From: Rod Nussbaumer
Subject: -X and multiuser mode
Date: Wed, 08 Jun 2005 21:41:18 -0000
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sunbeam:bomr[/usr1/isac/tools] > screen -v
Screen version 3.09.15 (FAU) 13-Mar-03

This is running on Sun Solaris 8

We use screen primarily for it's multiuser capability, which allows us to share access to perpetual telnet sessions that are opened to a number of single-purpose black-box devices. There are many people who access the devices by attaching to perpetual screen sessions, and any existing sessions may have been started by any of the user group.

I would like to be able to issue commands to these long-running screen sessions that are running in multi-user mode. The problem is that apparently only the originator of the intial session, the owner, is able to access the /tmp/S-xxxxxx directory:

sunbeam:bomr[/usr1/isac/tools] > screen -S userxxx/13471.PLC9 -X 'log on'
Cannot opendir /tmp/screens/S-userxxx: Permission denied

(sorry if the above command line wraps...)

Now, I can attach to the specified multiuser session and interactively issue the command, no problem.

screen -S userxxx/13471.PLC9 -r

From that I gather that the permission issue is not insurmountable, nor is there a real security issue being enforced. Have I missed something that would allow me to issue the commands from a non-owner user account? I would like to have commands issued from a cron job, to ensure that log files are rotated and being properly written.

If this capability is currently unsupported, is it something that could be added without a major effort? I would be willing to attempt to add the capablility myself, if someone familiar with the code can give some general direction to get me started. I have spent an hour or so browsing the sources, and didn't see much that looked like what I thought was the right places to work on.


        ---   rod.

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