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Access to scrollback buffer and setting env. vars

From: Gustav Broberg
Subject: Access to scrollback buffer and setting env. vars
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 19:44:45 -0000
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I've got two screen related questions that I haven't been able to find
the answers to.

First of all, is there an easier way to get content from the
scrollback buffer back to the command line than simply copy-pasting?

For example say that I'd like to get the last row from the last
command I've executed back to the command line:

$> ls
$> [here I'd like to have baz]

(silly example, but there are situations where this is pratical...)

I could of course copy it with "C-a [ k 0 SPACE $ >" and then past it
"C-a ]", but this is rather slow. From what I can see I can't bind
this command to something shorter (?). Ideally, I'd like to have a
command like "copy-nth-line-and-paste-it <n>"....

And the second question: is there some way to set an environment
variable in all (current) windows of a running screen session. More
specifically, I've started up a screen session a tty without X, so the
DISPLAY variable is unset. Now I detatch the session, start X, attach
the session and would like DISPLAY to be set in all running windows.

I've tried "C-a :setenv DISPLAY :0.0" but this only sets it for shells
i start after that.

Thanks in advance!


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