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Adding processes to detached "daemon" screen session

From: Derek Giromini
Subject: Adding processes to detached "daemon" screen session
Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 20:12:56 -0000


After looking at various documentation and articles about screen as
well as trying various combinations of options, I am unable to attach
processes to a detaches "daemon" screen session.

For example, I have a "screen-monitor" process that will run "screen
-dm". It will subsequently run other processes according to a list. I
want those processes to connect only to the one session I started.
While I am dealing with a bug related to starting this through my
"screen-monitor," I can't even achieve what I want to do from the
command line.

Please let me know if anyone has had any success with this approach.
Is this simply counter to the intent of screen?


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