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Re: "screen -d -m" but with many windows instead of sessions

From: Gregory A. Smith
Subject: Re: "screen -d -m" but with many windows instead of sessions
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 13:08:17 -0500
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Samuel Skånberg wrote:

What I would like is to have _one_ session but with multiple _windows_. It's much easier to manage.

Hi Samuel,

I agree. I do the same thing to keep track of a bunch of log tails in a single screen. The way to do it is create a config file that looks something like this:

------------------ begin config.rc
source ~/.screenrc   # get default settings
screen 0 program0
screen 1 program1
screen 2 program2
------------------ end config.rc

and then when you launch screen, tack on '-c config.rc' to load this config file.

For your situation, it's not hard to imagine a script that would create a config file in /tmp and then source it. Something like...

------------------ begin
touch $conf
echo source ~/.screenrc >> $conf
for i in *.torrent; do
   echo screen $n btdownloadcurses $i >> $conf
   let n++
screen -c $conf
rm $conf
------------------ end

Happy screening,

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