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Re: HPUX 11i - screen 4.0.2: screen starts 2 procs

From: Adam Lazur
Subject: Re: HPUX 11i - screen 4.0.2: screen starts 2 procs
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 12:33:01 -0700
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judd (address@hidden) said:
> What's up with screen 4.0.2 with HPUX 11i?  Whenever I start up screen it
> starts TWO screen processes, not just one like on Linux.  Is it really
> using 2x the RAM and FDs?  I don't think so, because I only get one log..
>  jmaltin 13190 16067  0 15:26:21 pts/2     0:00 screen
>  jmaltin 13191 13190  0 15:26:21 ?         0:00 screen
> Is this a design feature?  I got the bits from the HPUX Porting Archive at

There are 2 on Linux too, it's just that one renames itself SCREEN so
your grep probably misses it.

You could think of it as a client and a server. The server portion stays
around and does all the work. When you detach, the client dies but the
server stays around holding the ptys and children. When you re-attach,
you get a new client but the server is the same.

Make sense?

Adam Lazur

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